1.) Lithoflash is the only in-press color control system that can be retrofitted on all sheet-fed presses

2.) Lithoflash currently has systems running on KBA, Heidelberg, Man Roland, Komori, RMGT and several web applications


How In-Press Color Control works

  • Litho-flash measures every sheet through the press
  • It takes an average measurement over several sheets and makes the optimum adjustment to density, zone by zone
  • Litho-flash reaches target density faster than any press operator can manually

How the calibration process works

  • The Lithoflash camera is calibrated to your spectral scanner
  • It insures that the system matches your lab values for CMYK and spot colors
  • When Lithoflash is installed, target densities are formatted based on Gracol (G7) best match densities

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