LithoCheck determines all faulty sheets in the die cutter and stops for release at the feed table. An automatic lock out can be started. Measurement is performed using an RGB camera sensor. For measurement, printed motifs or structures are suitable as markers.


Die cutter control system for misprinted sheets without special markers

Application Areas:

  • Trusted detection of faulty sheets in die cutters
  • Sheet position control in die cutters
  • Imprint electronic register control
  • Detection of the smallest geometric errors

Customer Benefits:

  • Prevention of mixed typefaces and turned sheets
  • Outward transfer or removal of faulty sheets
  • Automatic saving of log files
  • Input display in motif selection
  • Less additional space and maintenance requirements

Product Features

Performance Features:

  • Colour sensor with integrated maintenance-free LED lighting
  • Compact sensor (80 x 65 x 120 mm) with X/Y position adjustment
  • Evaluation range up to 50 x 50 mm, Evaluation time < 10 ms
  • Adjustable margin of error (0.1 mm step size) and evaluation range
  • Detection of image differences
  • Alarm outputs for processing in machine control systems
  • Error and history logs
  • Can also be used with reflective materials
  • Touch operation

Scope of Delivery:

  • Colour sensor with fixing and sheet pressers
  • LithoCheck software
  • Control unit with PC
  • TFT touch monitor
  • Instructions, wiring diagrams


  • PDF protocol
  • Red-yellow-green light beacon
  • Laser sensor for triggering sheet feeders
  • Adjustable crossbar for camera mounting


To request more information or a demo, feel free to reach out!