Lithec USA news

​​“We find we can push more work through at higher speeds, with less waste, and keeping color consistency throughout the press run.”

ANDREW GOETT – President

​​​​“The LithoFlash system allows us to maintain the G7 standards in our offset print operations,” “WE DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MATCHING, WE KNOW WE WILL CONSISTENTLY HIT OUR COLOR TARGETS.”

JOHN YERGER – Pressman

​​“We identified the Lithec Litho-Flash as a way to take our current capital equipment, apply a relatively inexpensive product, and level the playing field with our competitors”

JEFF KU – Superior Litho

​​​​“Quality is absolutely critical in packaging,” says Bernie Lacy, President of Litho Press. “We decided to install the LithoFlash to not only help cut down on our makeready times, but also to ensure we have even greater color consistency throughout the entire run.

With this installed, we can now print more jobs per day, and they are higher quality, with better color across the board.”

BERNIE LACY – Vice President

​​“Since we have installed Litho-Flash our biggest cost savings has come with the amount of sheets we have saved. We’ve pretty much cut our make-readies in half”

​​We wanted to bring our older presses up to the newest technology. Litho-Flash allows us to take an older press and achieve some of those quality expectations they have on new presses.

JIM EAKIN – Superior Litho