After 8 Years of absence, DRUPA Düsseldorf is back. LITHEC will be a part of that as well and you as our business partners in lot’s of various regions worldwide are welcomed to join us at one of the biggest tradeshows. Make sure to visit us at Booth F13 in Hall 16.

— Lithec, a global leader in the inline color control and inspection systems market for the graphic communications industry, announces their participation at drupa 2024 on May 28 to June 7, 2024. In addition to their presence in Booth F13 in Hall 16, Lithec will be running live across the aisle in the RMGT Booth E11. drupa is the leading trade fair for the printing and graphics industry and is celebrated in Dusseldorf, Germany.

“DRUPA will showcase the new product developments that enable our “Color Rules” Progam, a roadmap for successful color management,” says Clyde Tillman, President, Lithec USA. “We will show a new designed LithoScan Console with features that enhance productivity in the pressroom. We want to share our experience for how to manage the process with the industry, and we have built a roadmap that we believe every printer should implement to maximize their savings and achieve color consistency.”

Visitors to the Lithec booth will be given demonstrations on the industry leading LithoFlash system with a newly designed LithoScan Console. This new console will demonstrate various functions like densitrometric and spectral measurement, the opportunity to inspect sheets and make sheet to sheet comparisons or PDF to sheet comparisons. LithoFlash will also be running live in the RMGT booth across the aisle from the Lithec booth in Hall 16, on the RMGT 1060 LX, a 1,060 mm format 6-color offset press.

DRUPA will be our window to the industry how high technology equipment can bring additional benefits to the printers. This is nothing new, but it still does and will do. Especially in times when Printing houses don’t think about bigger investments in new machines, rather than using the existing ones a bit longer.

Our Scope of supply is very much driven by our key competence, measuring and controlling color and inspecting print results. We will be displaying at Booth F13 in Hall 16.

We will show a newly designed LithoScan Console with various functions like densitrometric and spectral measurement, the opportunity to inspect sheets and make sheet to sheet comparisons or PDF to sheet comparisons. A modular system with the opportunity to build up the console, according to customers requirements, step by step, very flexible and with some new adjustments also much faster.

We will also show a LithoFlash on a fancy console with the opportunity to show measurement and control of color Life.

Beside this we will also be present on the RMGT Booth with our LithoFlash on a brand-new RMGT 1060 series press. This is, after a long time, the first DRUPA show where we are on an OEM booth. Beside that we will also be in RMGT’s showroom with a LithoFlash system.

And last but not least we will be with our Partner R&W who are offering a metal decorating machine in their showroom near Offenbach. We will have a LithoScan there with their specialized machine. R&W will organize transfers from Düsseldorf to their plant to see the system running.

By installing LithoFlash and following the outlined Color Rules process, you will reduce waste, improve performance, and save time and money.

Packaging Printers are seeing makereadies in UNDER 200 SHEETS

Commercial Printers are seeing makereadies in UNDER 100 SHEETS

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Our Four Phase Color Rules Process will Streamline your Pressroom!


  • The process is simplified
  • Color consistency is ensured
  • The press operator playing field is leveled
  • Training new operators becomes easier
  • Press problems are minimized
  • Huge savings are realized