“You don’t know a process is in control unless you’re measuring it, so we measure our output to see that we can prove we are in control of all possible variables.” We sit down with Jack Frank of WestRock, to talk about how they use data to streamline their color management. 

Color Rules relies on the adherence to four main phases. Each phase of the process requires a documented procedure that must be followed closely to achieve true success. 

Do you ever have to remake plates with an adjusted curve? This can be minimized by developing the proper dot gain curves after implementing the following required process:

  • Perform regular maintenance on CTP and processor
  • Read dot-area weekly to verify settings
  • Implement an ongoing GRACol/ISO verification process

By installing LithoFlash and following the outlined Color Rules process, you will reduce waste, improve performance, and save time and money.

Packaging Printers are seeing makereadies in UNDER 200 SHEETS

Commercial Printers are seeing makereadies in UNDER 100 SHEETS

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Our Four Phase Color Rules Process will Streamline your Pressroom!


  • The process is simplified
  • Color consistency is ensured
  • The press operator playing field is leveled
  • Training new operators becomes easier
  • Press problems are minimized
  • Huge savings are realized