We’re all feeling the supply chain pinch this year, which means an efficiently run print shop is more important than ever before. On average, users that have installed the LithoFlash Inline system save at least 1,800 sheets of paper per day. This may not sound like that much, but over a course of a month? Look at the numbers breakdown below, and if you want more information of a potential ROI specifically catered to you, take a look at our ROI Calculator right here!

Average savings for commercial printers

On average customers with LithoFlash installed are saving an extra 40,000 sheets of paper a month

Our customers see a savings on paper of 30% – 50% for make-readies as well as a 20% reduction in makeready time.

The typical savings for a 2 shift commercial printer is $125,000 – $150,000 per year.

Run the numbers yourself with our ROI Calculator

Average time savings = 20%

Average reduction in paper waste = 30%