LithoScan Professional

LithoScan® Professional is the best selling spectral 2D measurement system. As Densitronic Professional,it has been installed over 1400 times worldwide. High measurement accuracy, optimum correction values and clear operation are its main features. The measuring table latest generation contains a high-speed measuring head for fast Lab-Scan and the new long-life LED lighting with M1 option as standard.

Application Areas:
  • For sheet-fed offset printing machines from all systems
  • Available in 3 table formats for machines with sheet width of 780-2,200 mm
  • Control of up to four printing machines via Multi-Interface
  • Measurement and control of spectral, Lab and density values as well as grey balance on Lab-Basis
Customer Benefits:
  • Non-contact measurement in print control strips or in the image
  • Various strategies for optimal color and density control
  • Standardization according to PSO or company standards
  • Customizable quality logs
  • Reduction of quality costs
  • Low service and maintenance costs

Options for the LithoScan® Professional System

LithoScan Professional
Densitronic Professional / LithoScan Professional
  • With its features the LithoScan Professional helps to maintain quality and builds a bridge between pre press and printing press.
  • In addition the printer can check whether pre press supplied plates with correct curves.
Measurement Process and Sensor
  • Density and spectral measurement in accordance with ISO
  • 0/45° optics
  • CMYK status E, status T optional
  • Maintenance-free and long-life LED measuring light
  • Aperture 2 mm x 1.5 mm / 3 mm x 2 mm
  • Optional polarizing filter
  • Built-in calibration standard
  • Measuring range 0.0 – 2.5 D
  • Reproducibility minimum 0.01D depending on measurement conditions
  • Various print control strips freely selectable
  • Strip height is possible from 3 mm, depending on printing conditions
  • Scan speed: about 3 seconds per metre

Measurement in the Sujet

PrePress and Press - both essentially determine the quality of the printed product. The used measurement techniques however is different: Colormetric in pre press, densitometry in the press room. Therefore even with the most modern printing presses and pre press equipment there are problems at the color adjustment. Thus the consequence is:

Colormetrical/Densitometrical Measurements with One System - densitometry is fast, well known and has a drect relationship with ink layer thickness. Colormetry provides exact and reproducable values. Therefore the advantages of both measurement techniques were combined in a combination sensor, which reaches all measurement spots on the sheet.

Densitometrical Measurements

High Print Run Stability
High Print Run Stability

LithoScan Professional has advantages especially for long running jobs. The measurement is independent from the printer's fatigue or changes in surrounding illumination. LithoScan Professional immediately calculates the necessary corrections by comparing the measured data against the references.

The corrections will be transferred to the press console in less than a second and can be confirmed by the operator. The system will not replace the operator, but allows him to concentrate more on press operating related issues.

User Interface and Software

For job creation a keyboard and a trackball is used. Measurement and display features will be activated either by trackball or keys on a quick access keyboard. The software is developed in cooperation with large printing companies and therefore proven in real world use.

The job creation data consists of press data, color data, references, tolerances and teachin. The graphical user interface supports inputting these data by selection lists and other features. An additional advance: Data like job number, job name, order of colors and so on can be obtained from the press via network.

User Interface and Software

Display of Measured Values
Display of Measured Values

Once the job is created, the measurement can be started. There are various possibilities to display the results. The most Dataview with measured values used variant is the zonal, inking unit related display of the density respectively color deviation. There are also displays for dot gain curves, Lab graphics and more available.

If the automatic control is activated, after evere measurement a correction is sent to the press console. This can be checked by the operator and confirmed after it. To calculate the correction standard densities (same density for each zone), reference sheets or a mixture of both may be used.

All results will be logged. The log consists of every single measurement with date, time, shhet counter, used reference (reference sheet or standard density), comment and a statistic analysis for the whole run. The "LithoScan Professional" quality log is usable for an internal quality management or to forward it to customers.

Measurement data and teachins are handled as ASCII files. This guarantees well defined interfaces via floppy disk, USB or network to other departments in your facilities.

Practical Experience
20 Years of Practical Experience - More Than 1300 Times in Practical Application
  • Measurement and regulation of density values for quality evaluation
  • Gray balance regulation to lab standards
  • Measurement of the entire sheet
  • Proven technology; more than 1000 times in practical application in KBA® printing presses

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