Optimum CMYK and special color ink key presetting for all printing machines. Also available as a standalone with touch display. LithoCIP allows offset printing machines to integrate ink key presetting. Based on digital job data, CIP3,PDF and TIFF file system, LithoCIP identifies optimum ink presetting values for all printing units.

The auto-matic adjustment of all inking units before the first hard-proof significantly enhances productivity.

Application Areas:
  • Supported by various types of printing machines and manufacturers
  • Offset printing sheets/roll
  • Metal printing
Customer Benefits:
  • Fast setup process with optimised presetting values
  • More accurate control and fast response times thanks to balancing
  • Preset curves for process inks on different substrates available

For Seamless Interaction With:

Performance Features:
  • Presetting of all Ral and of all Euro and special colors
  • Substrate-dependent characteristics
  • Balancing of ink keys, ductor and sweeper
  • Using CIP3, PDF and TIFF format is possible
  • CMYK and special colors
  • Comprehensive database
  • Easy integration into the print shop workflow
  • Automatic data transfer
  • Read-back function in certain applications
  • Excellent interaction with other Lithec products like LithoDyn
  • Different interfaces and output formats for many typeof printing machines

Scope of Delivery:
  • Version A:
    • Software for existing LithoFlash
  • Version B:
    • Standalone solution with PC and touch screen

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