On-image spectral control (1997), dynamic density control (2002) and LithoFlash Inline (2013) are only a few of our successful innovations.


1300 sold Densitronic Profesional make it the most successful brand for spectral control. Lithec has been a very dedicated supplier to the industries major players.



40 employees, among them service technicians, engineers, specialists und assistants, pay ongoing attention to your questions and wishes.

Cost Effectiveness

Lithec products aim to increase productivity and product value whilst reducing faulty products and monetary overhead.



Lithec is a shareholder of UST, Söll and GUT - experts in the field of wastewater disposal with new concepts regarding the production of fresh water.


Many of our systems have been continuously supporting printers for more than 20 years. Lithec control systems reduce on-site stress and help saving waste and energy.

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